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Replacement Parts for Slushers & Tuggers.

Domeq Scraper Hoists were formerly manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand for over 70 years. The need to transfer broken ore and waste rock in the relatively inaccessible working areas of early day underground mines led to the development of the first scraper hoists, in 1898. Since that time, Ingersoll-Rand (now DOMEQ) has pioneered and perfected many radical improvements in design and construction – culminating in the exclusive Unit Assembly design that features modern DOMEQ scraper hoists in the 18.5 to 75 hp range.

Wherever DOMEQ hoists (formerly Ingersoll-Rand) have been used, they have achieved an outstanding reputation for ruggedness, dependability, long life, and freedom from maintenance.

Wide Scope of Application

Although originally designed by Ingersoll-Rand for use in underground mines, DOMEQ scraper hoists have found wide acceptance for the large volume bulk handling of many other materials – in granaries, chemical plants, stockpiles, power plants, steel mills, metallurgical reduction plants, and ships. Their speed, power, and economical means of materials handling by the scraper method.
Air or Electric Drive

DOMEQ scraper hoists in sizes 6.8 to 34 hp at 90 psi are available with air motor drive. Larger sizes are supplied with electric motor drive only.

The Multi-Vane motor is used on the smallest of the air hoists. Radial piston-type air motors with four or five cylinders are used on the 1 and 2 frame size.

Electric motors on DOMEQ Hoists are designed with torque characteristics, insulation, and enclosures uniquely suited for scraper hoist service. Standard motors are for 60 cycle AC power systems. All sizes can also be supplied with either AC or D.C. motors as required.

Two or Three Rope Drums

DOMEQ Scraper Hoists of Lightweight construction are available only as double drum units. Unit Assembly hoists permit a selection of drum widths and choice of double or triple drum combinations. Rope capacities vary with frame size, drum length and size, and condition of rope, and are listed on the data pages for each hoist.  
Two Types of Frame Construction

The DOMEQ line of Scraper Hoists includes four basic frame sizes (0, 1, 2, 31). This gives the user maximum freedom of choice in selecting a hoist and makes it possible to meet his exact requirements more closely than from a less extensive line.    
Lightweight Design

Lightweight hoists are designed to provide a high degree of ruggedness and dependability on a unit of unusually small size and light weight for its rated capacity. They are particularly desirable for applications where frequent relocation is required to follow advancing operations through an ore body.
Unit Assembly Offers Exclusive Benefits    
DOMEQ exclusive Unit-Assembly design, individual drum housings are bolted together to form a 2 or 3 drum hoist of exceptional rigidity, with any desired combination of narrow or medium width drums.

This unique construction as used on 2, 31  frame models, offers benefits not found in other scraper hoists, including the following.

The shaft carries torque loads only – drum loads are carried by the frame.

There’s no shaft deflection – less grease seal wear – longer gear life – longer bearing life – less stress on all components.

Return rope speed is at least 33% faster than pull rope speed, resulting in more trips per hour, more tonnage hauled per shift.

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